Car parking charges in Cranleigh

Waverley Borough Council are proposing changes to the car parking tariff in Cranleigh which will see prices for the Stocklund Square and Village Way car parks rise from 50p to 60p an hour.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce recognises the need to increase car parking prices in line with price inflation. For cash strapped local authorities, this is one way to raise additional revenue and we have been fortunate in Cranleigh that car parking prices remain significantly lower than car parks in the rest of the borough.

We are however concerned about the increased cost burden on employees of business owners in Cranleigh. The proposed higher charges could add £200 a year to the car parking costs of a full time employee in Cranleigh.

The Surrey Advertiser mistakenly reported last week the cost increase as 7.5%, which is in fact the cost of living increase these revised charges are designed to cover. Whilst Waverley Borough Council needs to charge a round figure for car parking, a 10% increase to 55p an hour would have been preferable to the 20% increase to 60p an hour.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has ensured that representations are made to Waverley Borough Council ahead of their Executive Meeting to ratify these new car parking costs tomorrow evening.

We also continue to promote pay-on-exit technology for both car parks in Cranleigh. This offers a car parking solution with no barriers which would remove the stress for shoppers of rushing back to beat an expired ticket.

We are hopeful that Waverley Borough Council adopt this pay-on-exit system for implementation in the New Year.

This is becoming particularly important with the recent temporary suspension of the pay-by-phone option for car parking, which we hope to see returned to use shortly.

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