Cranleigh Chamber Putting Infrastructure First

Cranleigh Chamber Putting Infrastructure FirstCranleigh Chamber of Commerce has confirmed with Thames Water a commitment to provide a new water main for the village, without causing disruption to local retailers and residents.

Following recent reports that the infrastructure required to support new developments in Cranleigh would result in ‘the death knell for small local businesses’, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce opened a dialogue directly with Thames Water to obtain the facts.

Thames Water confirmed their commitment to invest time and money in projects which deliver measurable community benefits.

Following correspondence with Richard Aylard, External Affairs and Sustainability Director at Thames Water, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is pleased to confirm any required infrastructure upgrades will not result in the disruption recently suggested by the Cranleigh Civic Society.

Richard Aylard of Thames Water stated categorically that there “has certainly been no suggestion from us that we would have to dig up the High Street for six months to supply the developments.”

He continued: “I hope you will accept my assurance that if major work does become a reality anywhere in Cranleigh, then we would of course do what we can to keep disruption to a minimum, including using trenchless technology where possible.”

Bob Bayley, Vice President of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, added:

“We were pleased to receive this reassurance from Thames Water on behalf of our members. In line with the objectives of Waverley Borough Council, we agree with the strategy of putting ‘infrastructure first’.

“Local interest groups have much common ground on their vision for Cranleigh in the future. It’s time we start identifying that shared ground and working together to secure positive results for the village.

“Cranleigh residents want a thriving High Street economy with its unique mix of independent retailers, multiples and places to meet friends for foods and drink. Some growth in our local population is inevitable, especially with recent ONS projections forecasting the UK population will grow by 15% over the next 25 years.

“Infrastructure is vital to ensuring that this national and local population growth is manageable and allows our village to prosper.”

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