Talking Therapies come to Cranfold Physio

Talking Therapies come to Cranfold PhysioDo you want to start 2016 with more positivity and effectiveness, learning how to manage your day to day pressures in a relaxed and positive way? How about learning Mindfulness or CBT?

Dr Rosie Odhuba, Consultant Clinical Psychologist says,

“Mindfulness is a simple practise of present moment awareness, in the form of meditation. It can help us deal better with life’s challenges.

“It is particularly useful for such issues as low mood/depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. It can also improve sleep and concentration levels, and is helpful in managing long term health issues such as pain.”

Julia Heathcote is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist who works with people with low mood, anxiety, feelings of stress, difficulty sleeping, or worry, which is impacting significantly on their day to day life.

“When we feel stressed and upset we tend to interpret our experiences more negatively. This can cause us to withdraw, struggle with our relationships and resort to poor behaviour patterns (eg smoking, drinking or eating).

“The aim of CBT is to help people identify where they would like to make changes in their lives, and give them the skills and understanding to do this.”

Find out more by coming to Julia’s free talk on CBT on 5th Feb

Call 01403 721050 or visit for more information.

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