The Big Cranleigh EU Referendum Debate

It was a full house at Cranleigh Arts Centre on Friday lunchtime for The Big Cranleigh EU Referendum Debate, chaired by The Rt Hon Anne Milton MP.

Business owners and members of the public packed the Jack Wagg auditorium to pose their questions to the expert panel, representing the Leave and Remain views.

On the Leave side was Harry Aldridge, an export business owner and former UKIP parliamentary candidate for Guildford.

The Remain view was represented by Cllr Paul Spooner, the Conservative Leader of Guildford Borough Council.

Following introductions by event sponsor Nick Bamford of Informed Choice, and from Anne Milton, both sides had an opportunity to present their opening statements before questions were taken from the floor.

A lively debate followed, with questions asked by individuals who favoured the Leave and Remain camps, and a number of people who were clearly undecided and looking for more information on which to base their decisions.

An entry poll taken before the debate found 50.4% of the audience were planned to vote Remain at the Referendum next month.

Only 18.2% expressed Leave as their voting intention, with a significant 31.4% of the guests at the debate undecided.

These voting intentions changed during the course of the debate, with a big shift in undecided voters, rising from 31.4% to 37%.

The Remain camp declined to 45.4% and the Leave camp fell slightly to 17.6%.

Our thanks to Anne Milton for doing an excellent job chairing the debate and exercising a firm hand during some passionate questioning from the audience!

We would also like to thank the event sponsors Informed Choice, Cranleigh Arts Centre for providing the venue, Harry Alridge and Paul Spooner for sharing their expert views, and of course all of our guests for joining us on a Friday afternoon to debate the future of the UK in the European Union.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce Big EU Referendum Debate

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce Big EU Referendum Debate

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce Big EU Referendum Debate

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce Big EU Referendum Debate

Cranleigh Chamber

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  • Oliver Sintrona

    It is interesting that so many people wanted to end self government. The Eurozone is uniting, its banks are controlled by ECB and its member states must submit budgets for Eurogroup approval. In Stage 2 of Union, starting 2017, there will be political union by 2025. Within 9 yrs the EU will consist of the UK, Denmark and the Eurogroup. The Eurogroup will have about 90% of the vote in the EU and will decide all matters for the EU. By 2025 we will either have to submit to being a member of the Eurogroup or have another referendum. On the showing at the meeting most people would prefer to end the UK and become governed by the EU.