Month: August 2016

Job vacancy: Venue Facilities Coordinator

Job vacancy: Venue Facilities CoordinatorCranleigh Arts Centre is seeking a Venue Facilities Coordinator to manage the day to day operational running of the Arts Centre building and facilities.

Full time, permanent 37.5 hours per week

Salary: £18,360 – £19,000 per annum

Main duties include; coordinating building maintenance, security and health and safety, catering, purchasing goods and services, generating revenue from private hires and hospitality and acting as Duty Manager on a rota basis.

You will need an O level/GCSE in Maths and English, excellent organisational, communication and customer service skills, experience of budget management and some evidence of commercial awareness, IT skills using standard industry software.

Please send CV and a covering letter to

For more info, download the Job description: `Click Here`

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Volunteers needed for Cranleigh Christmas Lights Switch-On

Volunteers needed for Cranleigh Christmas Lights Switch-OnThe Cranleigh Christmas Lights Switch-On on Saturday 19th November 2016 is the flagship public event from Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce.

As a major public event, a huge amount of planning and organisation is required.

Our Christmas Lights sub-committee has already met twice this year and plans are well progressed for the event. We do however need a lot of volunteers to ensure this event runs smoothly.

One of the biggest tasks requiring volunteers is manning the road closure. We will be applying to close Cranleigh High Street between 5pm and 7pm, which requires a total of 15 volunteers to cover several different road closure and warning points. These volunteers will be needed between 4pm and 7.30pm.

We also need 4 volunteers to assist with placing traffic management signs around the village between 8am and 11am in the morning.

There are also volunteer opportunities for putting together the stage and marquee in the morning (between 8am and midday) and crowd safety marshals between 4pm and 7pm.

This event can only run safely with enough willing volunteers. We are appealing to Chamber members, family and friends to step forward and help us make the Cranleigh Christmas Lights Switch-On a success this year.

This is an event that brings so much happiness to families, who come out to enjoy the programme of entertainment, stalls and late-night Christmas shopping.

If you are able to help, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, please email and we will add your name to the roster.

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‘Housing Crisis’ is a product of a creaking Planning System

‘Housing Crisis’ is a product of a creaking Planning System The following article comes from Iceni and is an interesting read which will help Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce members understand some of the current planning issues we face locally.

The term ‘housing crisis’ has become de rigeur in the past few days; although arguably it is a term that is never too far from the public’s mind.

On Monday Dispatches reported, with typical Channel Four enthusiasm, on the scandalous lack of housing delivery on former public land sold specifically to help meet the Conservative’s housing target.

The planning system is creaking, and currently failing local authorities, developers, residents, amenity organisations and potential homeowners.

Several of the former Ministry of Defence sites Dispatches used as examples in their report are themselves victims of the planning system (although admittedly there are other issues at play, but that’s a different story).

Again, on Monday The Times recognised this too with a report on chronic under-resourcing and lack of funding at Local Planning Authorities resulting in lengthy delays to major, as well as minor, planning applications.

The evidence they present is compelling, with a £450 million budget shortfall for Local Authorities creating a ‘Planning Blight’.

One solution is of course to pass the budget burden onto Applicants, The Local Government Association reports to The Times that ‘Developers are increasingly willing to pay more’ to help speed up the planning application process.

Many developers sign up to Planning Performance Agreements with the promise of proper resourcing.

Unfortunately, more often than not, this doesn’t necessarily provide the desired outcome.

A lack of funding and limited Local Authority resource is of course a contributing factor to the planning crisis, but to view the crisis as purely financially driven is again missing the point.

The planning crisis is down to strategy; an unwillingness to step back, review and enact a wholesale reform of the whole.

For too long the approach to reforming planning, and the perception of planning, has been too piecemeal and short-term, often caught in the midst of election cycles.

Let’s take the approach to the Green Belt as an example.

Even if the scandal of housing delivery on former public land is addressed, this land will still not go far enough to address the housing crisis, particularly in the South East.

Fundamentally brownfield sites will not cut it, and Local Authorities understand this with many currently assessing the need to utilise some Green Belt land as they develop their Local Plans.

But this is the problem, they are too localised in their approach, seeking to address their own housing need with minimal incursions into the Green Belt, appeasing the residents and lobby groups.

We need to take a step back and take a strategic view, a proper review of the Green Belt in its entirety will allow future development to be fully planned, creating sustainable developments; the London Green Belt after all does encapsulate many key transport hubs.

Such a suggestion is of course unpalatable to many, but that is why reform of the approach to the planning system is required.

The housing crisis is not just a fashionable term for journalists, it is a reality and as both Dispatches and The Times have shown us this week there are several contributing factors to this.

A fundamental reform of the system and approach to long-term planning (from all sides of the spectrum) will go a long away to help address these underlying issues. The ‘housing crisis’ is a product of a creaking planning system.

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Dates for 2017 and speakers wanted

Dates for 2017 and speakers wantedThere’s nothing like a bit of forward planning!

Your Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce committee have been hard at work during the summer holidays, putting together a programme of events for 2017.

Here are the provisional dates for next year, covering both member networking events and public events hosted by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce.

We are also looking for inspirational speakers for our networking breakfasts next year. Do email if you are interested in speaking or have any suggestions.

Monday 9th January – Cranleigh BIG Awards at Cranleigh Arts Centre

Wednesday 15th February – breakfast meeting at One Forty

Tuesday 7th March – Inspiring Women in Business at Cranleigh Arts Centre

Tuesday 14th March – breakfast meeting at The Richard Onslow

Thursday 13th April – breakfast meeting at Jigsaw Cafe on the Park, Dunsfold Park

Tuesday 18th April – Chamber AGM and dinner at Cranleigh Golf & Country Club

Wednesday 17th May – breakfast meeting at The Stables Restaurant

Wednesday 14th June – breakfast meeting at Rowley’s Day Care Centre

Thursday 20th July – Summer BBQ at The Richard Onslow

Tuesday 12th September – evening meeting at Firebird Brewing

Saturday 30th September – Cranleigh Food & Music Festival

Wednesday 18th October – breakfast meeting at Wildwood Golf & Country Club

Tuesday 14th November – breakfast meeting at Hurtwood Park Polo Club

Saturday 18th November – Christmas Lights Switch On

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Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce comments on second runway plans

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce comments on second runway plansCranleigh has had a proud 70 year association with the aviation industry at Dunsfold and it is not that many years since Harrier Jets were regularly heard just a few miles distant.

Furthermore, a number of pilots and Gatwick airport employees have lived in Cranleigh for many years due to its commuting convenience.

As a business organisation, we recognise the critical importance of building an additional runway in the South East to deliver the anticipated passenger numbers between now and 2050.

The Cameron government concluded in the summer of 2015, after a lengthy report by the Davies Commission that the runway should be at Gatwick or Heathrow.

However, we are disappointed that the government is taking so long to make its final decision and we hope that the new Prime Minister will see fit to make that decision speedily.

The earliest a new runway can be completed at either location is 2025 and already Heathrow is 100% full and Gatwick will be full in a couple of years.

Cranleigh businesses and residents will benefit whether the additional runway is at Heathrow or Gatwick.

When the decision is made, the Chamber would urge the Transport Minister to allocate appropriate infrastructure expenditure in roads, rail and public transport, housing and employment land to accommodate the economic growth that will result.

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Cranleigh conservation area adopted by Waverley Borough Council

Following a public consultation, the Cranleigh Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) was adopted by Waverley Borough Council at Full Council on 19 July 2016.

The document included several amendments to the boundary, including a significant extension to the south side of the High Street and the southern part of the common.

Download the Cranleigh Conservation Area Appraisal document

Cranleigh conservation area adopted by Waverley Borough Council

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has been working with Waverley Borough Council for the past couple of years as part of the steering committee drafting proposals for designating the south side of Cranleigh High Street as a Conservation Area.

We are grateful to the work of Jon Lucas, on behalf of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, in representing the interests of local businesses, monitoring and reporting back to our committee on the work of this steering group.

The adopted Cranleigh Conservation Area document is a material planning consideration for all applications within the conservation area.

A Conservation Area Appraisal identifies and explains the character of the conservation area.

It also contains a Management Plan section that sets out specific actions/projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the conservation area as well as managing change in the future.

It will also be used to prioritise environmental improvement projects within the CA.

We look forward to continuing our work with Waverley Borough Council to identify projects and priorities within the extended conservation area, as we continue to improve the High Street and surrounding areas for local retailers and business owners, as well as residents and visitors.

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Cranleigh businesses gather for customer service awards

Cranleigh businesses gather for customer service awardsA major project in Cranleigh has revealed nearly 83% of businesses offer ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’ customer experience.

Over 30 people gathered at an awards ceremony in Cranleigh this week to celebrate the results of ‘Up Your Game, Up Your Gain’ 2016.

‘Up Your Game, Up Your Gain’ is a programme designed to give businesses in the village a boost by offering a helping hand to those who need some improvement.  It was supported by Waverley Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, and One Forty.

The project involved nearly 40 independent retailers and businesses visited by a mystery shopper who then rated them on a number of factors including window display, interior layout and customer service.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Waverley, Cllr Chris Storey, who presented awards for outstanding service, recognising the excellence with the village.

Silver awards for excellent customer service were presented to Carolyn Lodge Travel, Christian Reid Estate Agents, Cromwell Coffee House, Crowes Estate Agents, Living in Style, Maison Du Velo, Manns of Cranleigh Gifts Department and Home Interiors, The Phone Workshop, Phyllis Tuckwell Shop, Rawlings Butchers, The Richard Onslow, and Ruby & Kind.

Up Your Game silver award winner Cromwell Coffee House

Gold awards were presented to Cranleigh Leisure Centre, Manns of Cranleigh Cafe, Taurus Wines, and Informed Choice.

The overall winner was Taurus Wines, an independent wine merchant and importer based near Cranleigh at Whipley Manor.

Taurus Wines, Up Your Game 2016

Felicity Pritchett of Taurus Wines, the overall winners of Up Your Game 2016, said:

“What a wonderful surprise it was to be the overall winner of the Up Your Game, Up Your Gain challenge in Cranleigh. Can we put it down to wine lovers being natural hosts and bon viveurs…?!

“In truth though, we were humbled to be ranked first among such fabulous competition.

“Thank you to Shopper Anonymous, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council for their support during these awards and of course our wonderful, welcoming staff here at Taurus Wines.”

Jim Smith of Shopper Anonymous, who carried out the surveys, said:

“At first glance, the results show that the village has a high number of shops and businesses that give customers a great experience, a vital factor if visitors are to return.

“Repeatable footfall is what all High Streets crave, so this is all great news for retailers who suffer intense competition from bigger neighbours and the Internet.

“On the evidence, and with such a range of interesting and eclectic businesses, Cranleigh is a great place to go to shop and spend time.”

38 Cranleigh businesses took part in the mystery shopping initiative, which revealed an average customer satisfaction score of 87%. The national average for customer satisfaction identified by Shopper Anonymous is just 79%, demonstrating higher than average standards in Cranleigh.

44% of Cranleigh businesses scored over 90% in the customer service review. The highest customer satisfaction score was 98%, and the lowest was 51%.

Richard Graham Up Your Game 2016

Richard Graham, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce president, and owner of One Forty, said:

“Cranleigh offers an exceptionally good shopping experience for local residents and visitors. Receiving independent confirmation that retailers and businesses in the village are performing better than the national average is really pleasing.

“Of course, we can always do better, and I hope this project will serve as a catalyst for all in Cranleigh to up their game and improve standards of customer service.

“Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is keen to support all retailers and businesses in the village, as we continually raise standards and make Cranleigh a destination for shopping.”

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Opportunity to advertise in Ewhurst JFC 6-a-side tournament programme

Ewhurst Junior Football Club will be running their very successful annual 6 a side football tournament at Hurtwood Park Polo club on Sunday 18th September.

This year it promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and a new innovation we will be introducing will be an official program, full of information about the tournament, but also advertising from the clubs sponsors and any local businesses.

The tournament runs from 9am to 4pm, and the programme should be seen by 800-1,000 people.

If your business is interested in advertising in the programme, in return for a modest charitable donation of £25 to Ewhurst JFC as a Community Amateur Sports Clubs, please email

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