Chamber urges rethink on car parking charges

Chamber urges rethink on car parking chargesCranleigh Chamber of Commerce is urging Waverley Borough Council to urgently reconsider a series of car parking price rises.

The council is proposing increasing the charge from 60p to 80p an hour for the Village Way and Stocklund Square car parks, in line with similar increases across the borough.

This proposed price hike follows an increase from 50p to 60p an hour last year.

Commenting on the proposals, a spokesperson for Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce said:

“We recognise the extraordinary financial pressure currently faced by Waverley Borough Council, along with all local authorities across the county. To target shoppers and visitors to Cranleigh High Street with yet another price hike would be very damaging to our local economy.

“If the proposed price hikes are approved, this means residents face a 60% increase in car parking costs in the space of two years. Such an increase would reflect very poorly on Waverley Borough Council at a time we need to make Cranleigh a more attractive destination for all visitors.

“Higher prices would be especially painful for workers in Cranleigh, who will have seen the cost of parking for the day increase from £4 to £6.40. For lower paid workers, this means sacrificing nearly one hour’s pay each day simply to park their car.

“Our High Street retailers are already struggling to attract staff in some cases, so we strongly urge Waverley Borough Council to rethink this course of action and maintain car parking costs at 60p an hour.”

Cranleigh Chamber

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