Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce response to Waverley Borough Council Economic Strategy Refresh

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has submitted a response to the Waverley Borough Council Economic Strategy Refresh Consultation.

Our response can be downloaded here:

Waverley Borough Council Economic Strategy Consultation Questions

Within our response, we highlight the importance of established and new residents in Cranleigh being able to live and work locally, avoiding the need to commute long distances.

We also promote the aim of enabling businesses to start up and grow, trading locally, regionally and internationally.

As a thriving Chamber of Commerce, we believe it is important that businesses in Cranleigh are able to attract skilled staff, and that the village can attract transport infrastructure investment.

A important aim of our consultation response is to maintain a vibrant High Street in Cranleigh.

With around 140 business members, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce will continue to be a positive voice to attract, retain and encourage growing businesses.

We will support and encourage commercial enterprises of all size and type located within Cranleigh and the surrounding area, provide networking events to ensure that communication between members is strong, stage business briefing events for members throughout the year, hold social events for members when appropriate, and lobby government at local and national level about issues relevant to the business community.

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