Street Trading Consent for Kebab Burger Van in Cranleigh

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is disappointed at the decision of Waverley Borough Council to grant street trading consent for a kebab burger van outside Cranleigh Post Office.

The application was considered by Waverley’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee on Monday.

The Committee granted the application for a period of six months, under the proviso that the business will be closely monitored during this period and reviewed after the six month period to see if it can be renewed/granted for a longer period.

Waverley have attached conditions to the consent to help stop issues arising due to the van trading in this location.

At the committee meeting the applicant altered their opening times slightly which was agreed by the committee. The opening times will be;

Monday to Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 5.30pm-10pm.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is very concerned by this application and urged Waverley Borough Council to reject it for the following reasons:

• Cranleigh has become a tourist destination village for many hundreds of visitors who come to shop, dine and be entertained throughout the day and evenings. A kebab van does not fit into a traditional village environment nor work well within the attractive High Street.

• Because of the amazing voluntary efforts of the Cranleigh in Bloom team, the appearance of Cranleigh High Street has been significantly improved. These volunteers have tackled the litter problems and the pavements and road are now clean and tidy. A kebab van will inevitably contribute to increased and unacceptable littering by the Post Office, along the High Street and up Horsham Road, Ewhurst Road and Guildford Road as vehicle occupants throw out their packaging and cans.

• Cranleigh is a quiet village free of rowdy behaviour and a safe and quiet place for families to amble in the evenings after a walk along the downs Link for example. There is a strong chance that anti-social behaviour could occur with adults and youths hanging around a kebab van into the night.

• There is no demand for further places to eat in Cranleigh. The village is very well serviced with friendly pubs, restaurants, a fish and chips shop and café’s serving excellent food, including fast food, until well into the night.

Waverley Borough Council received several other letters in opposition to this street trading consent and no letters in support.

On behalf of our members, we will closely monitor the activities of this kebab burger van to ensure the terms of the street trading consent are complied with and litter or other anti-social behaviour as a result of its presence does not become an issue.

If you see any littering or anti-social behaviour as a result of the presence of this kebab burger van once it starts trading, please report it immediately (along with photographic evidence, if possible) to Elizabeth Bance, Environmental Health Officer at Waverley Borough Council by email to, and copy your email to

Cranleigh Chamber

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