Month: July 2017

£2.2 billion wrong change bill is not an issue in Cranleigh

Drivers across the UK waste nearly £2.2 billion every year because they don’t have the right change to pay for parking, according to new research from Churchill Car Insurance.

A reliance on cards and mobile payments means less people carry cash, which helps explain why just under two thirds overpay for parking because they don’t have the correct change.

The average amount overpaid is £2.68 per week, working out at £139.36 every year per person.

‘Over spenders’ are buying more than an hour’s extra time every week that they do not need.

However, this isn’t a problem in Cranleigh where users of the Village Way and Stocklund Square car parks benefit from the ‘check in, check out’ parking option.

Installed by Waverley Borough Council earlier this year, following a project initiated by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, the new car parking payment option means drivers simply ‘check in’ with a card when they arrive and ‘check out’ when they are ready to leave.

It means no more finding the right change to pay for car parking.

Most importantly, it means no more dashing back to the car park to beat the traffic warden because a ticket is about to expire!

Instead, visitors to Cranleigh can enjoy a leisurely shop, visit to one of our cafes, have stress-free appointments and catch up with friends for a chat.

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100 Club Draw for June 2017

The latest 100 Club prize draw has taken place and we are pleased to announce the winner is Handymans Hardware.

They win the latest £100 quarterly prize following the draw which was made on Friday 7th July during the Informed Choice birthday BBQ celebrations, with the winning number picked by Philip Calvert.

The Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club was initiated in 2000 by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce as a way of raising money to help finance the Christmas celebrations and late night shopping evening in the village, including the installation of the Christmas lights.

Each year the Committee that organises this event has to raise a considerable amount of money to cover the cost of putting up the lights, repairing and renewing those lights that have broken, erecting Christmas trees and general promotion of the evening.

We face a particularly steep fundraising challenge this year, needing to raise around double our usual target so we can replace the lights in the 17 Maple Trees along the Common.

How can I help?

We are offering a two-year sponsorship for each Maple Tree at a cost of £1,000, with six local businesses already generously pledging their support.

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for the Cranleigh Christmas Lights, please call Roger Coupe on 01483 266580 or email

There are also sponsorship opportunities available for individual lampposts, at a cost of £75 each, and other options available to suit your budget.

We also encourage as many members as possible to join the 100 Club.

The concept behind the Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club is to secure a membership of companies and individuals who commit to making a contribution of £15 a month (or £180 per annum) by bank standing order.

When fully subscribed with 100 members, the 100 Club would make a substantial contribution of around £17,000 a year towards the running costs of the Christmas Lights.

You can find out more and download an application form at

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Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat – act now

Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat - act nowSurrey County Council is consulting on making a series of changes to its Community Recycling Centres, including the possible closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre on Elmbridge Road.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has submitted a detailed response to this consultation, which can read here:

Cranleigh Chamber Response to Surrey CC Recycling Centres Consultation 27-06-17

We are encouraging our members to respond to the consultation, which has a deadline of 7th August 2017. Respond online at

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce objects to the permanent closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC).

With 1,500 new homes expected in the village in the next 10 years, bringing around 5,000 new residents, Cranleigh needs a larger CRC, not its closure.

We believe fly-tipping will inevitably increase should the CRC be closed, with the nearest CRCs located in Witley and Slyfield.

For those residents who do care about the environment, traffic congestion, particularly at weekends, will just be increased with vehicles leaving Cranleigh with full loads of recycling to fight their way through Guildford and wait in the turn right to Slyfield traffic queue.

Please respond online at before 7th August 2017.

You may also wish to email with your views.

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