Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat – act now

Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat - act nowSurrey County Council is consulting on making a series of changes to its Community Recycling Centres, including the possible closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre on Elmbridge Road.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has submitted a detailed response to this consultation, which can read here:

Cranleigh Chamber Response to Surrey CC Recycling Centres Consultation 27-06-17

We are encouraging our members to respond to the consultation, which has a deadline of 7th August 2017. Respond online at

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce objects to the permanent closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC).

With 1,500 new homes expected in the village in the next 10 years, bringing around 5,000 new residents, Cranleigh needs a larger CRC, not its closure.

We believe fly-tipping will inevitably increase should the CRC be closed, with the nearest CRCs located in Witley and Slyfield.

For those residents who do care about the environment, traffic congestion, particularly at weekends, will just be increased with vehicles leaving Cranleigh with full loads of recycling to fight their way through Guildford and wait in the turn right to Slyfield traffic queue.

Please respond online at before 7th August 2017.

You may also wish to email with your views.

Cranleigh Chamber

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