Fake banknote warning

Members of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce and other local retailers are warned to take additional care after reports of counterfeit £20 and £50 notes in circulation in the village.

The Chamber has been alerted to these fake banknotes being passed in several shops in Cranleigh, including recent cases of six £50 notes and four £20 notes.

The perpetrators are described as young men, buying low value items with the fake notes in order to pocket the change.

It is claimed that these fake notes have been treated with hairspray, rendering fraud detection pens useless.

Shopkeepers are reminded that they are not obliged to accept high value bank notes. This from the Bank of England website on the subject of legal tender:

‘Whether you pay with banknotes, coins, debit cards or anything else as payment is a decision between you and the other person involved in the transaction.

‘In addition, shops are not obliged to accept legal tender. If you hand over a £50 note to pay for a banana in your local grocery store, the staff are within their rights to choose not to accept it.

‘Likewise for all other banknotes – it’s a matter of discretion.’

If you have further information regarding this spate of fake banknotes in Cranleigh, please email hello@cranleighbiz.co.uk, as well as informing Surrey Police.