Rising youth crime in Cranleigh and lack of police presence

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has today written to David Munroe, Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey, asking him to urgently address the rising levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour in Cranleigh.

Writing on behalf of the local business community, the letter highlights the lack of police presence in the village and why this is an important issue for our business members.

Business premises in Cranleigh have recently been subjected to a series of ball bearing catapult attacks, causing thousands of pounds worth of property damage.

In the past week we have also seen fireworks being launched at motorists and businesses in the High Street, and eggs thrown at High Street premises.

Despite these high profile and serious events, there has been little noticeable police presence or action in response.

We appreciate the funding pressures faced by Surrey Police, which led to the closure of our police station in 2012, replaced by a police post at Cranleigh Leisure Centre with no public access front counter.

With a large number of houses being built in the village over the coming years, and rising levels of crime and anti-social behaviour being reported by our members, it is important that a police presence in Cranleigh be re-established as a matter of priority.

One of our objectives as a Chamber of Commerce is for Cranleigh to be a location to attract, retain and encourage growing businesses and their employees. Rising crime and the lack of police presence here will make achieving that objective increasingly difficult.

We will share any response received to this letter in due course.