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C_67_article_2124705_body_articleblock_0_bodyimageThe Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club was initiated in 2000 by the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce as a way of raising money to help finance the Christmas celebrations and late night shopping evening in the village, including the installation of the Christmas lights.

Each year the Committee that organises this event has to raise a considerable amount of money to cover the cost of putting up the lights, repairing and renewing those lights that have broken, erecting Christmas trees and general promotion of the evening.

The concept behind the Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club is to secure a membership of companies and individuals who commit to making a contribution of £15 a month (or £180 per annum) by bank standing order.

At the end of each quarter, a draw of the members takes place and the winner receives £100. The balance of the fund is then carried forward to the end of the year to help fund the Christmas celebrations.

We have been very fortunate in the past to have received donations and sponsorship from a number of businesses in the village and this has enabled the Committee to continue with the festivities. However, we cannot and should not rely on the generosity of a few supportive members each year and as the membership of the Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club grows we are able to not only continue the High Street decorations, but add to and improve them.

Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club Standing Order

Members of the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce can join the 100 Club by completing the standing order above and handing this to Roger Coupe, Membership Secretary, 3 Bank Buildings, High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8BB.

We are grateful to the current members of the Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club:


Midas Publications

Christian Reid

Cockerill GJ

Coupe R

Cranfield Associates (DS)

Cranfold Physio


Cranleigh Rec Sols

Cranleigh School

Cranleigh Star

Dale T&S




J R Graham

J Woodford

Lynn Murray

M Simon Thomas

Natural Life

P J & J L Eaton

P Routley

R Tonner

Shelton Developments

The Peach Pub Co Ltd

Wildwood Country

A McKenzie

Martin Bamford

Santa Fir

John James

Windmill Computing

Cranleigh Bathroom Studios