Cranleigh Christmas Lights – Lampposts and Volunteers

The Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lights sub-committee met again yesterday evening and we are pleased to report good progress ahead of this important local event on Saturday 18th November.

You can keep up to date with this event on Facebook at

We have a huge fundraising target this year in order to replace all of the lights in the 17 Maple Trees along the Common, as well as covering our usual annual costs for installing and testing the lights, and hosting the switch-on event.

The generosity of Chamber members and other local businesses has been exceptional as always this year; we are pleased to confirm the new lighting units have been ordered and the event will go ahead.

However, we still have a number of sponsorship opportunities for local businesses.

If you would like to sponsor the light decorations on one of the lampposts for £75, please email and we will secure your spot. More than half of these have already been snapped up!

In return for your sponsorship, you will get a notice on the lamppost and a thank you on our social media channels.

We are also looking for some extra pairs of hands for the event itself. We need volunteers to act as marshals in Fountain Square and Stocklund Square between 4.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday 18th November. If you can spare a few hours to help, please email to let us know.

Finally, if you have a High Street business and have any plans for the event, please make sure you drop us a line to let us know so we can help spread the word!

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Business rates payment scam

A warning this morning from Waverley Borough Council:

We’ve been alerted to a scam by our business rates officers which you may wish to make your members aware of. A Waverley business rates payer recently received a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC, telling her that rates will shortly be changing and she would have to pay the rates directly to HMRC. Fortunately the lady realised it was a hoax and did not pay the person.

Please be aware of this scam and take care.

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World’s Biggest Coffee Morning at Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm

For the 3rd year running, Cranleigh Chamber member Santa Fir will be holding a “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” event in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

This takes place on Friday 29th September at Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm, Guildford Road, Shamley Green GU5 0SQ, from 10am to 2pm.

They will have lots of home baked goodies as well as a prize draw and lots of tea, coffee and chatter.

Please come and join them and help raise lots of money for this great cause.

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Forget NIMBYs, it is all about YIMBYs now

The United Kingdom is suffering from a housing crisis caused by a chronic lack of new homes being built.

A new paper by John Myers of London YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard), released today in conjunction with the Adam Smith Institute, offers three ways to beat the housing crisis, boost living standards and disposable incomes, and revitalise the economy.

Households would be on average £10,000 a year better off if we had better planning and built enough homes in the right places, shows John Myers, author of the report.

Shortages of housing near job opportunities lead to high rents and prices. These prevent young people – as well as those from deprived communities – from moving to areas which have good jobs. This is a needless and self-inflicted brake on growth.

After a string of prominent rejections of developments, such as the redevelopment of an ASDA and its car park on the Isle of Dogs into nearly 2,000 new homes, it is more important than ever to reform the planning system so that residents feel they benefit from new housing. The alternative is economic stagnation, social divide, and potentially political turmoil.

The report suggests three practical proposals to win the support of existing homeowners for development that makes the country richer and fairer:

Letting individual streets give themselves planning permission to extend or replace buildings. This, coupled with a design code chosen by the street, could allow up to 5 million new homes to be built over a generation in London alone, while making existing homeowners two to three times better off and beautifying streets by turning semis and bungalows into traditional terraces.

Giving local parishes the power to improve their green belt by swapping out ugly dead land or intensive farmland for development and adding protections to areas of outstanding beauty.

Handing the new set of devolved city-region mayors radical new powers to choose different planning regimes for their area, to see what works best. What’s right for London might not be right for Leeds, and Birmingham may want to grow even if Cambridge does not.

Politicians could neutralise NIMBYs, the paper argues, by seizing the opportunity and letting local people take the lead on deciding how and where to build new homes.

By giving more power to locals, the billions of pounds spent on armies of planning lawyers and consultants could be retained within communities. The reforms would also benefit the exchequer, not just through property taxation, but also as people move closer to better jobs and earn more.

Failing to end our housing crisis will most hurt those that can least afford it, according to the report. Those who are just about managing (Theresa May’s JAMS) will pay the price for inaction—once you take into account housing costs real incomes are completely stagnant.

Paying through the ear to rent a box or a dump is radicalising the youth, but politicians stand to benefit hugely if they can make housing within reach of job opportunities abundant and affordable. The UK can avoid clarion calls for rent controls or mass social housing if we act to expand private housebuilding now.

Britain has one of the worst housing crises in the world, the report shows, but that should mean benefits of even partial reforms are felt greatest here.

Simple changes could substantially increase the supply of new homes, boost the economy, tackle intergenerational inequality and improve social mobility, while making our existing cities better. It is time to build a better country.

John Myers, co-founder of London YIMBY and author of the report, said:

“A new generation of young people is demanding change to avoid being worse off than their parents. There are vote-winning ways to make decent homes truly affordable with the support of existing homeowners, if only we seize them.”

Ben Southwood, Head of Research at the ASI, said:

“The planning system is a mess. We all know we need more homes and infrastructure in the places people actually want them—but it isn’t delivering. But we can hardly blame locals for blocking development when not only does it blight their views with ugly designs, but it detracts from their living standards. So we are proposing a raft of measures that may bring homeowners around the country on-side. If new housing benefits people already living there, then we may finally be able to build enough to stop rents taking half of people’s pay packets.”

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Chamber calls for more car parking capacity in Cranleigh

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has written to Waverley Borough Council asking them to start planning now for future car parking needs in the village.

The letter to council leader Julia Potts highlights the planned 1,500 new homes in Cranleigh during the next five years. The Chamber has asked the leadership at Waverley Borough Council to make the matter of car parking capacity a priority, rather than waiting for the adoption of the Local Plan in March 2019.

The Chamber estimates an additional 2,250 cars as a result of the new housing already agreed for Cranleigh. With car parking in the village already nearing capacity at peak times and weekends, the Chamber warns that current provision will fall short of future needs.

According to the Chamber, failing to make additional provision for car parking in Cranleigh will result in a loss of shoppers to nearby towns including Horsham and Godalming, increasing congestion on the local roads. It is also likely to discourage visitors to Cranleigh, push car parking onto neighbouring roads such as Hitherwood, and increase levels of illegal or inconsiderate parking.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has suggested a number of options for increasing car parking capacity to be considered, including adding a second level to the Village Way car park, creating underground car parking spaces at the Stocklund Square car park, or increasing car parking spaces as part of any future redevelopment of Cranleigh Leisure Centre.

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Affordable Digital Signage – Shop window, Reception or Waiting Room

Provide information to your customers and clients in your reception or waiting room more information about you, your products and services.

Freehand AV solutions will supply and install a 49” LG commercial screen showing your own custom content plus an automatic update of local news, weather and traffic news.

If a local TV aerial feed is available the screen can display national HD quality TV channels.

Summer Package – £ 950 (ex VAT) – Wi-Fi option £995 (ex VAT)

Installation subject to site survey.

A one-off design and content creation charge (tailored to your business) of £300 plus an installation charge depending on site survey.

To keep your screen fresh and relevant Freehand will provide a remote daily content update charge of £ 30 per month (less than £1 per day) with no minimum contract.

To see a short example please see this YouTube link :-

To find out more visit or call 01483 200111

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£2.2 billion wrong change bill is not an issue in Cranleigh

Drivers across the UK waste nearly £2.2 billion every year because they don’t have the right change to pay for parking, according to new research from Churchill Car Insurance.

A reliance on cards and mobile payments means less people carry cash, which helps explain why just under two thirds overpay for parking because they don’t have the correct change.

The average amount overpaid is £2.68 per week, working out at £139.36 every year per person.

‘Over spenders’ are buying more than an hour’s extra time every week that they do not need.

However, this isn’t a problem in Cranleigh where users of the Village Way and Stocklund Square car parks benefit from the ‘check in, check out’ parking option.

Installed by Waverley Borough Council earlier this year, following a project initiated by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, the new car parking payment option means drivers simply ‘check in’ with a card when they arrive and ‘check out’ when they are ready to leave.

It means no more finding the right change to pay for car parking.

Most importantly, it means no more dashing back to the car park to beat the traffic warden because a ticket is about to expire!

Instead, visitors to Cranleigh can enjoy a leisurely shop, visit to one of our cafes, have stress-free appointments and catch up with friends for a chat.

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100 Club Draw for June 2017

The latest 100 Club prize draw has taken place and we are pleased to announce the winner is Handymans Hardware.

They win the latest £100 quarterly prize following the draw which was made on Friday 7th July during the Informed Choice birthday BBQ celebrations, with the winning number picked by Philip Calvert.

The Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club was initiated in 2000 by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce as a way of raising money to help finance the Christmas celebrations and late night shopping evening in the village, including the installation of the Christmas lights.

Each year the Committee that organises this event has to raise a considerable amount of money to cover the cost of putting up the lights, repairing and renewing those lights that have broken, erecting Christmas trees and general promotion of the evening.

We face a particularly steep fundraising challenge this year, needing to raise around double our usual target so we can replace the lights in the 17 Maple Trees along the Common.

How can I help?

We are offering a two-year sponsorship for each Maple Tree at a cost of £1,000, with six local businesses already generously pledging their support.

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for the Cranleigh Christmas Lights, please call Roger Coupe on 01483 266580 or email

There are also sponsorship opportunities available for individual lampposts, at a cost of £75 each, and other options available to suit your budget.

We also encourage as many members as possible to join the 100 Club.

The concept behind the Cranleigh Christmas 100 Club is to secure a membership of companies and individuals who commit to making a contribution of £15 a month (or £180 per annum) by bank standing order.

When fully subscribed with 100 members, the 100 Club would make a substantial contribution of around £17,000 a year towards the running costs of the Christmas Lights.

You can find out more and download an application form at

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Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat – act now

Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre faces closure threat - act nowSurrey County Council is consulting on making a series of changes to its Community Recycling Centres, including the possible closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre on Elmbridge Road.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has submitted a detailed response to this consultation, which can read here:

Cranleigh Chamber Response to Surrey CC Recycling Centres Consultation 27-06-17

We are encouraging our members to respond to the consultation, which has a deadline of 7th August 2017. Respond online at

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce objects to the permanent closure of the Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC).

With 1,500 new homes expected in the village in the next 10 years, bringing around 5,000 new residents, Cranleigh needs a larger CRC, not its closure.

We believe fly-tipping will inevitably increase should the CRC be closed, with the nearest CRCs located in Witley and Slyfield.

For those residents who do care about the environment, traffic congestion, particularly at weekends, will just be increased with vehicles leaving Cranleigh with full loads of recycling to fight their way through Guildford and wait in the turn right to Slyfield traffic queue.

Please respond online at before 7th August 2017.

You may also wish to email with your views.

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Street Trading Consent for Kebab Burger Van in Cranleigh

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is disappointed at the decision of Waverley Borough Council to grant street trading consent for a kebab burger van outside Cranleigh Post Office.

The application was considered by Waverley’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee on Monday.

The Committee granted the application for a period of six months, under the proviso that the business will be closely monitored during this period and reviewed after the six month period to see if it can be renewed/granted for a longer period.

Waverley have attached conditions to the consent to help stop issues arising due to the van trading in this location.

At the committee meeting the applicant altered their opening times slightly which was agreed by the committee. The opening times will be;

Monday to Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 5.30pm-10pm.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is very concerned by this application and urged Waverley Borough Council to reject it for the following reasons:

• Cranleigh has become a tourist destination village for many hundreds of visitors who come to shop, dine and be entertained throughout the day and evenings. A kebab van does not fit into a traditional village environment nor work well within the attractive High Street.

• Because of the amazing voluntary efforts of the Cranleigh in Bloom team, the appearance of Cranleigh High Street has been significantly improved. These volunteers have tackled the litter problems and the pavements and road are now clean and tidy. A kebab van will inevitably contribute to increased and unacceptable littering by the Post Office, along the High Street and up Horsham Road, Ewhurst Road and Guildford Road as vehicle occupants throw out their packaging and cans.

• Cranleigh is a quiet village free of rowdy behaviour and a safe and quiet place for families to amble in the evenings after a walk along the downs Link for example. There is a strong chance that anti-social behaviour could occur with adults and youths hanging around a kebab van into the night.

• There is no demand for further places to eat in Cranleigh. The village is very well serviced with friendly pubs, restaurants, a fish and chips shop and café’s serving excellent food, including fast food, until well into the night.

Waverley Borough Council received several other letters in opposition to this street trading consent and no letters in support.

On behalf of our members, we will closely monitor the activities of this kebab burger van to ensure the terms of the street trading consent are complied with and litter or other anti-social behaviour as a result of its presence does not become an issue.

If you see any littering or anti-social behaviour as a result of the presence of this kebab burger van once it starts trading, please report it immediately (along with photographic evidence, if possible) to Elizabeth Bance, Environmental Health Officer at Waverley Borough Council by email to, and copy your email to

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